Food in the Spotlight: Kañiwa

Kawina b






Getting bored of the quinoa trend? Is quinoa your only go-to, high protein grain? Check out Kañiwa, the “new” ancient grain from South American. This grain is very similar to quinoa as it is a relative of the famous grain. Kañiwa is a smaller grain than quinoa and it lacks saponins therefore it has less of a soapy, bitter taste that quinoa has if not washed properly. Kañiwa is easy to prepare like quinoa. For optimal flavor, toast this ancient grain in a pot, add double the water (2:1 ratio), cover, and let simmer for 15-20 minutes until all water is absorb. One serving of kañiwa (1/4 cup dry) provides 6 grams protein, 3 grams fiber, and 60% of your daily needs of iron! Serve hot as a substitute for rice or chill after cooking for a great addition to a salad.

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