Motivation Monday

Be Stubborn About Your Goals and Flexible with Your Methods

More effective than setting a weight goal (something you cannot directly control) is setting behavior goals. Your goals could include meeting your protein goal daily, walking 10,000 steps a day, avoiding added sugars, etc.

There are many ways to reach the same goal. If one isn’t working for you, don’t give up on your goal, but change your path.

For example, perhaps you’ve had an injury that is keeping you off of your feet. You may look for chair exercises that you can do in place of the walking you typically do for exercise.

Or perhaps you have to travel for work. Rather than being at the mercy of airline food,  take easy-traveling snacks with you to insure you are able to meet your protein goal and eating six small meals.

What goals have you set and how have you found flexible ways to meet those goals?

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